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20, Svari, Arabe, Esauira
Sūtīt dzeramnaudu
Svarīga informācija par zahiid-a
Dzimums Sieviete
Interesējos par Sievietes, Vīrieši
Vecums 20
Augums 160cm - 170cm
Svars 60 - 70 kg
Mati Brunete
Acis Brūnas
Etniskā piederība Arābs
Valodas Angļu, Arābu
Dzimtene Esauira
Kaunuma Mati Skūta
Krūtis Vidējas
Pēcpuse Liels
Kas mani uzbudina
What turns me on the most sexually is fucking in a missionary position and while they kiss my feet, it turns me on so much that I could easily reach an orgasm. I really like being submissive, but with a man who is very daring, I like imperactive men since wild sex makes me very hot
Par mani
My name is Zahida, I am 19 years old, my birthday is on October 4, I am 1.62 meters tall, I weigh 63 kilos, my country of origin is Saudi Arabia but I currently live in Panama, my mother is Latina and my father is Arab, I have never lived in Arabia Saudi but, I would like to go to know my Arab roots. My favorite color is black, my favorite food is rice with chicken, I like animals I have 1 dog and 2 cats, my dog ​​is called danger, he is a pitbull breed, he is 3 years old and it is my whole life.
I consider myself an impulsive woman with my emotions.
I am very spoiled, tender, I like that they are giving me affection as long as possible.
What I like to do the most with my money is buy clothes, I really am a compulsive shopper, but I love it.
In my free time, what I am most passionate about doing is going out to the movies, going out with my friends to dance, going to concerts, I really like to be in the environment, I like to take my puppy for a walk, I like to travel.
Kas mani neuzbudina
* I don't like rude men.
* do not demand free show.
* do not promote models.
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